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In fairytale Sunne we offer apartments at several attractive addresses.

Brogårdsgatan 1-3:

These 18 apartments were built during the 1990s on the very quiet Brogårdsgatan.

Långgatan 16:

”The castle”, ”The tourist home” – a dear child has many names. It is a beautiful building with pinnacles and towers in the middle of Sunne housing 12 apartments of varying sizes in a historic building that was preserved through a total renovation in the late 1990s.

Kvarngatan 24 / Bryggaregatan 1A-B

11 apartments in two connected buildings in central Sunne. Perhaps one of the most well-visited buildings in Sunne with both Shangri-La and Folktandvården.

Kvarngatan 7:

One of the most central buildings in Sunne. 21 apartments of varying sizes in a building from 2005. Here you will also find a pizzeria, a grocery store and our local office.

Älvgatan 21:

In 2003 these 10 apartments were built on a fantastic green spot surrounded by the Lerälven in central Sunne. This tranquil oasis must be experienced on site.

Parkgatan 2:

This newly built multi-family building is our latest addition to our property portfolio. It has 32 modern apartments on 4 floors in the center of Sunne, a stone’s throw from the station.

Kvarngatan 5

The ”Wicklander house” in Sunne with its facade worth preserving. Currently the building is only used to a limited extent but it is part of an overall approach to expand the block on Kvarngatan.

Badhusgatan 8

An undeveloped part of the block on Kvarngatan, eventually the next stage in the development plan for the block.


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