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Rental policy

Our ambition is to create safe and pleasant areas by offering a wide variety of housing that meets a diversity of needs and wishes and which therefore attracts a natural mix of different people. Everyone who meets our basic requirements has the same right to apply for and get an apartment.

Basic requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for housing.
  • You must have the financial ability to cover the rent for the apartment you apply for and must therefore meet SM Fastigheter's income requirements.
  • You must not have payment notes (betalningsanmärkningar) or debts that exceed SM Fastigheter's maximum limit.
  • We strongly advice you to have home insurance.

Clarifications on the basic requirements

You must have the financial means to cover the rent for the apartment applied for. Your income can come from for example:

  • Salary from employment
  • Pension
  • Income from capital
  • Compensation from insurance policies
  • Allowances (e.g. housing allowance, student allowance/grants, maintenance allowance, sickness benefits, child allowance)

We do not question your income. If you say you can afford the apartment, then that’s it.

You must not have payment notes or debts that exceed SM Fastigheter's maximum limit

  • SM Fastigheter can approve a maximum of 2 payment notices (betalningsanmärkning) during the last twelve-month period and the debts must be paid.
  • You must not have a debt balance with Kronofogden.

Main rule for renting an apartment

SM Fastigheter's main rule is that apartments are distributed according to the applicant's time in the queue, that is since the first notification of interest, if more than one person is interested in the same apartment.

Exception to the main rule

New construction
In case of new production, the apartments are rented out in accordance with the board's decision for the unique project. This may mean that the apartments, to varying extents, are rented out via queuing, lottery, first-come first-served, prioritizing tenants already living in the area, etc.

By submitting a notification of interest, you are automatically registered on our waiting list. If an apartment is available, we send out an email to everyone on the list for that size.

In case of ambiguity, the Swedish version of the rental policy applies.