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Building in wood

The climate changes we see today are mostly due to emissions of carbon dioxide. The use of wood can reduce these emissions. The world's forests have the unique capacity of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and storing it – both in the growing forest and in the wood and paper products that come from the forest.

The more forests grow and the more we use products from the forest – especially long-lived products such as wood for construction purposes – the better it is for the climate through increased carbon storage.

During the entire time that a wooden product is in use, carbon corresponding to approximately 1 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) is stored per cubic meter of wooden product. The effect of this storage is maintained as long as the wood product is used. It is therefore particularly advantageous to use wood in larger quantities for such long-lived products as building frames.

Heating system

We use geothermal heat or air/water heat pumps as much as possible. As a result we have measured values of 35kwh/m2/year in new construction, which can be compared with the requirements from Boverket (88kwh/m2/year).


By building rain gardens adjacent to our properties, we can effectively delay and reduce the stormwater/run-off that reaches the municipality’s stormwater line.