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About SM Fastigheter med dotterbolag

SM Fastigheter is a family business founded by the brothers Stefan and Magnus Wiese. Our ambition is to become an important social actor in the municipalities where we operate and to manage and upgrade the existing properties. By finding new exciting objects for acquisitions or new construction, we also want to expand to new exciting locations around Sweden.

Our apartments from north to south


On the property Lillänget 2 in Sollefteå we are during 2023 building an apartment building with 56 apartments on seven floors. For more information or questions regarding the project, contact us at


In 2019 we built 20 apartments and a restaurant in the Trädgårdsmästaren 7 block on Limstagatan 8 in Kramfors. Here we offer an attractive central location with lift where you live right by the square and Babelsberg and close to the station.

Further on Limstagatan in the residential area we also have a building housing 2 apartments.


On Bryggarevägen 1-11 there are 6 apartments in semi-detached houses built in the 1990s. All of the apartments are three room apartments of 83m2.


On Jungmansvägen 5-14 in quiet Oleby outside Torsby there are 8 apartments in 4 semi-detached houses built in the 1990s.


In ”Rosa Huset” at Gamla Vägen 44 Lysvik, midway between Sunne and Torsby, there are 5 apartments in the center of the village, close to both a grocery store and a bathing area.


In fairytale Sunne we offer apartments at several attractive addresses.

Brogårdsgatan 1-3:

These 18 apartments were built during the 1990s on the very quiet Brogårdsgatan.

Långgatan 16:

”The castle”, ”The tourist home” – a dear child has many names. It is a beautiful building with pinnacles and towers in the middle of Sunne housing 12 apartments of varying sizes in a historic building that was preserved through a total renovation in the late 1990s.

Kvarngatan 24 / Bryggaregatan 1A-B

11 apartments in two connected buildings in central Sunne. Perhaps one of the most well-visited buildings in Sunne with both Shangri-La and Folktandvården.

Kvarngatan 7:

One of the most central buildings in Sunne. 21 apartments of varying sizes in a building from 2005. Here you will also find a pizzeria, a grocery store and our local office.

Älvgatan 21:

In 2003 these 10 apartments were built on a fantastic green spot surrounded by the Lerälven in central Sunne. This tranquil oasis must be experienced on site.

Parkgatan 2:

This newly built multi-family building is our latest addition to our property portfolio. It has 32 modern apartments on 4 floors in the center of Sunne, a stone’s throw from the station. The apartments were ready to move into in autumn 2022.

Kvarngatan 5

The ”Wicklander house” in Sunne with its facade worth preserving. Currently the building is only used to a limited extent but it is part of an overall approach to expand the block on Kvarngatan.

Badhusgatan 8

An undeveloped part of the block on Kvarngatan, eventually the next stage in the development plan for the block.


On Kyrkogatan 8 in Munkfors there are 24 apartments built in 2018. In a quiet yet central location in Munkfors, you are close to shops and live next door to the municipality hall.

On Faktorsvägen and in the Lien block there are two large villas that we rent out as rental properties.


Just outside Karlstad on Rälsvägen 2-8, Bangårdsvägen 6A-B and Ängskogsvägen 15A-B in Skattkärr there are 4 semi-detached houses with 8 apartments built in the 1990s.

Grums and Slottsbron

Sågverksgatan 2-12 Grums

Cultural heritage marked ”workers dwellings” with large green areas in Grums. All the 40 apartments are two room apartments of 55m2.

Bergkansgatan 6-8 Grums

”Funkis” house with 24 apartments in Grums.

Strandgatan 45-49 Slottsbron

In the quiet area Slottsbron, these 20 apartments spread over 4 buildings were built in the 1990s.

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